Bath Barista Max to brew coffee against the world on Wednesday


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, of Colonna and Small’s café in Bath, is now in the final stages of his preparation to represent Britain in the World Barista Championship in Vienna.  And his work may well be recorded by an award-winning film-maker.


The event will be held on 12th-15th June, with Max making his first appearance in the semi-final stage on Wednesday 13th.

Preparation has been brief – it is only a few weeks since he won the UK championship in London, in mid-May.

“I was a bit concerned about the short timeline from the UK final to the World’s, but with too much time I can over-rehearse and lose enthusiasm for it. So the timing of the event is turning out to be perfect.”

In barista championships, competitors have to make and serve to the judges four cappuccinos, four straight espressos, and  four servings of a ‘signature’ drink of their own devising,  all in fifteen minutes.

In the UK final, Max used coffee roasted by Origin of Cornwall.  His cappuccino, which took the title of ’best cappuccino’ on the day, was a Brazilian pulped-natural Lambari, and his espresso and signature drinks were made with Rwandan coffee. The signature drink involved ruby grapefruit and sparkling water, with a root licorice and star anise.

Many barista champions in the past have ended up in documentary films – Max may have the same experience.

“Interestingly a film maker called Gary Walkow has dropped by – he has previously won a grand jury prize at the Sundance film festival.

“He is going to document the process. He has previously interviewed other people concerning the competition as a whole, and he would like to produce a documentary regarding the competition with my journey this year as the central story thread. It’s a new and exciting experience for me.”

Maxwell will have a long time to wait to make his presentation – of fifty-four competitors, he has been drawn 49th, which means that he goes on near the end of the second day, at2.35pm on June 13.  The other major hope from this part of the world, Colin Harmon of Dublin, is also a late performer, only three places ahead of Maxwell in the running order.



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