Coffee trade helps shelter homeless from the storm

The British coffee trade is expected to once again play a great part in supporting the homeless of London this Christmas.

Shelter From The Storm is a unique charity – it is London’s only free homeless shelter, open all year round, in spite of receiving no grant, no government support, and being reliant only on volunteers, donations and support… much of which comes from the coffee trade.

A founder of the Shelter is Louie Salvoni of Espresso Services, one of the beverage trade’s most significant servicing companies, and very many members of the coffee trade have supported the work, either with money, or equipment, or with supplies, or with their time, or in helping the ‘guests’ find jobs. One very well-known chain of cafes has played a big part in bringing several of the shelter’s vulnerable people back into employment.

Some of the coffee trade’s best baristas have spent their time at the shelter, fixing drinks for the guests – it is a curious fact that some of the very finest coffee in London has been willingly and generously served entirely free to a clientele of homeless, needy people!

Shelter from the Storm started in the crypt of a church for at first one or two nights a week, and with new premises in Kings Cross, has now realised its dream of opening seven nights a week. In the last year, it has provided thirteen thousand overnight places, and has helped vulnerable people in a wide range of ways, from helping some with job interviews to helping others escape trafficking and torture.

“With your love and support,” say the founders, “we weave a net to catch our guests when they fall through the cracks in society.”

This Christmas, it costs just £9.40 to support a homeless person for one night’s accommodation and food. The coffee trade has done great work already in supporting this project… please remember Shelter From The Storm again this Christmas.


Contact:, 020 7697 9569.


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