Martini Potento is UK’s champion coffee cocktail

The top coffee cocktail of the year is the Martini Potento, a powerful combination created by Ed Buston of Clifton Coffee in Bristol. It has brought him the title of UK Coffee in Good Spirits champion, and he now goes forward to represent Britain in the world coffee cocktail event in June.

The annual Coffee in Good Spirits championship is run by a coffee trade association, but is really designed to find ways in which the licensed trade can work most effectively and profitably with speciality coffee. The great potential problem with such a contest is that some recipes can be created to impress judges rather than become saleable menu items, but Ed Buston has stressed that his winning drink was made up entirely of items which can be found behind a standard cocktail bar.

“I started with a half-shot triple sec, an orange-flavoured liqueur. On top of that was a double ristretto (a slightly-specialist way of pulling an espresso shot to give a more pronounced flavour) shaken with Tuaca vanilla liqueur – very nice and spicy.

“I layered that with double cream mixed with a half-shot of Frangelico hazelnut liqueur and a little almond liqueur.

“Then I topped it with 100-per-cent Peruvian cocoa, and the zest of an orange, which I set on fire as I squirted it!

“The first and last things you taste are orange, but not too much – orange can take over a drink if you’re not careful. In the middle was a dessert-like nutty coffee.

“It sounds strong… but really, there’s only two shots of alcohol in there.”

Can the drink be a practical menu item? Ed Buston suggests that it can, but that because it takes a couple of minutes to make, it would be best promoted as a very special cocktail dessert item, ideally offered in pairs for a couple, thus allowing the economy of two drinks being made at the same time. The selling price for such a cocktail can be as high as a bar dares pitch it.

The Coffee in Good Spirits contest is run by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, and is part of the lead-up to Britain’s biggest-ever coffee promotion, when the World Barista Championships come to London in June. All the world’s top coffee-makers and competitions will be at Caffe Culture, trade’s main expo, at Olympia, 23-25 June.

The coffee trade’s best stories come from Boughton’s Coffee House magazine!


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